Services for Our Partners

To offer collaborative support, we provide a whole range of services to universities from market research, promoting degree programs and verifying students’ qualifications, right through to transferring tuition fees and accommodation payments. Prospective students get advice from us on where to apply, how to complete application forms and write personal statements and, ultimately,on which university to choose. The following are the specialized services we offer to our partners:

1. Market Intelligence: Given our strong network and large student recruitment volumes, we are in a unique position to tap into current market trends. We always try our best to collect, analyze and produce graphical information and reports on market conditions. We are happy to share market intelligence with our institutional partners as part of our commitment to achieving the best results for them. We are a market-driven organization and our marketing strategies are guided through the analysis of data that is generated by our state-of-the-art database management system.

2. Customized Marketing Campaigns: BION is in a unique position to undertake customized marketing campaigns for institutions due to the wide coverage of our network and the strength of our customer database. We are experienced in extremely diverse markets and this experience has enriched our understanding and knowledge of market dynamics, trends and expectations. We respect market diversity and expectations and, therefore, do not believe in mass market campaigns. Instead, we work with institutions on effective marketing strategies to meet the most appropriate outcomes in terms of brand visibility, brand awareness, increased student enrollments, etc.

3. Education Fares: BION undertakes education fairs at various locations in Bangladesh throughout the year. These events host representatives of our partner institutions who meet hundreds of prospective students. Students attending the fairs are previously counseled by our experts and, hence, are well prepared to meet institutional representatives.

We have a committed marketing team that organizes education fairs. All arrangements, such as accommodation, travel and transfers are organized by BION. We ensure all our institutional participants are given the best possible service during these fairs.

4. International Student Recruitment Advisement: Never before has effective international student recruiting been more critical as markets become increasingly competitive and students continue to broaden their geographical search when looking for a university.

Our consultants have been highly successful students in marketing in academia around the world.

We understand what captivates and attracts Bangladeshi and international students, and are able to work with colleges and universities to build student markets well suited to the particular needs and strengths of the institution.

First, we analyze the institution’s current international student marketing practices including:

  • Use of web, print and other media for advertising
  • Student inquiry and institutional response processes
  • Alumni relations
  • Participation in industry events, including trade fairs
  • Structure of staff marketing roles and responsibilities
  • Institutional partnerships and agent relationships
  • Retention strategies
  • Utilizing current students as ambassadors

Our consultants work with colleges and universities to build student markets that are naturally well suited to the particular needs and strengths of the institution. We then work collaboratively with current marketing staff to develop an effective strategic plan and assist with implementation to drive up student numbers in targeted areas.

When it comes to student recruitment, why not work with those who understand it comprehensively?

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

5. Student Recruitment: We have recruited literally thousands of students to various institutions in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, China and parts of Europe. Today we are one of the largest international student recruitment companies in Bangladesh.

All our counselors are well trained and competent to recruit for multiple destinations and institutions. You can expect highly professional representation through our network.

6. Admission Processing Outsourcing: BION can assist institutions to process student applications, generate offer letters and other associated services. This could mean substantial cost savings for institutions. We have well-qualified and highly trained staff and strong IT support to undertake processing work for institutions. We have the infrastructure to operate 24x7 thus ensuring fast turn-around time and round the clock support to prospective students and institutions, leading to higher conversion rates.

7. Transnational Academic Partnership Development: With senior management with strong academic backgrounds, BION is in a unique position to facilitate institutional partnerships for our partners in the areas of Student Exchange Programs, Teacher Exchange Programs, Academic Articulation, Academic Pathway Programs, research, and community engagements.

We have successfully facilitated countless partnerships in the markets we operate in for our partner institutions

8. Publishing Services: BION can assist institutions with designing, manufacturing, printing and distribution of promotional materials, brochures and marketing banners. This can deliver substantial cost savings for institutions as we can source these from low cost destinations, such as Bangladesh and China. We guarantee that the quality of the materials we source will meet the highest global standards and quality.